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A free tool to create your own image viewer as an applet for web publishing
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JPhotoViewer is a free tool that will help you to classify and catalogue your photo collection, and to create an attractive web-based applet to insert in your own webpages. The generated viewer can be customized in colour, size, and font. It also includes a slideshow generator which layout is also fully customizable, including a number of transition effects.

JPhotoViewer, formerly a shareware application, and now an unsupported neat piece of software, has now been made available free by their developers trying to help those who need a fast and efficient solution to their web publishing needs. It is in fact two applications in one – JPhotoViewer is the applet generator itself which works seamlessly in conjunction with an efficient Photo Collection Editor that allows you to tag your images, add a title, and even a text file.

The images are automatically scaled to fit the applet, so you will not need to crop them in any way. The applet itself can also be adapted to your preferences, hiding or showing specific components. When viewed in a webpage, your photographs are permanently protected, as it blocks all downloading capabilities. Besides, you can add text on top of your images. These text overlays can also be used as watermarks to protect your photo collection.

You will need to have knowledge of basic HTML to create the webpage around the applet, as JPhotoViewer provides you only with the image viewer, not the whole webpage.

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